At Usedman, we pride ourselves in meeting our clients needs and exceeding expectations. We appreciate our clients, and are glad to say that our clients appreciate us.


I just wanted to say thank you for the great service and terrific deal on the stacker we bought from you. Purchases from strangers at a distance are always a little dicey, but your excellent communications and enthusiastic response to all my questions as well as your proactive handling of the logistics made the transaction a genuine pleasure. If you should need a reference for future deals, I will be happy to help by providing one.

I really appreciated meeting you and the conduct of the transaction was superb.

Happy new year. I wish you a prosperous one.

Tom Bergman
Director of Marketing


“This IS the guy to call!”

My company was in need of an order picker to improve warehouse operations. I talked with several local sources and couldn’t seem to find just what we needed. I decided to search the internet for used forklifts in the area to see what else I could find. I came across a company’s website called Usedman Forklifts. While reading on their page, I noticed the owners’ name was Ken Cox. I had worked with a guy by this name many years ago but had lost touch due to my own job changes. I contacted him to make sure it was the same guy and was delighted to find out it was. Having worked with Ken in the past, I knew his level of integrity and his beliefs on quality products.

I called him the next day and discussed with him what I needed. He felt he would get a better assessment if he came out to our warehouse. After analyzing our operation, he determined he did not have anything in his current inventory that would fit our needs but would be happy to find something for us. He called me back a few days later to let me know he had found exactly what we were looking for and it would arrive at his shop the next week.

Ken went out of his way at every turn to make sure we had all the information and support needed from him. I have worked in the forklift industry and can tell you that the “big” companies are almost always treated better when making capital purchases. This is not the case with Ken.

If you need to purchase any material handling equipment, this IS the guy to call!

Mike Lancaster
Senior Warehouse Specialist
Repair Coordinator


“He’s not my only source for used equipment, but he’s my favorite.”

I have known Ken Cox for many years, and he is usually my first call when I am looking for a particular piece of used equipment. I also use Ken a great deal for technical support and it’s helpful to have his knowledge available for consultation.

I have purchased dozens of lifts from Ken over the past several years and have been completely satisfied with all my purchases. When you buy used equipment, you can always expect to have some “issues.” What’s great about working with Ken is that he has taken care of everything that I would consider an “issue” to my complete satisfaction.

Beyond equipment purchases, I have also bought a lot of parts from Ken over the years and I’ve used his equipment rental services as well. No matter what my needs are, Ken focuses on quality: of the equipment and parts he deals with as well as in his service, expertise, and knowledge. The quality is always there.

Ken’s strong suit is that does work with quality in mind, so it’s easy to work with him again and again. I find that even when Ken is not “the cheapest,” I always get my money’s worth when I buy from him because of his integrity and service. He’s not my only source of used equipment, but he’s my favorite.

Robert Nyborg
Super Tech
Fayetteville, GA